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Hi and welcome to SG Racing Investments 

I have been betting on horses for over 15 years, adapting my strategy all the time to increase my profits.
Over the past few years I've developed a strategy which involves cross matching several systems I've designed to give us a decent strike rate with a good return on investment.  I advise selections for both the flat turf and jumps seasons. 
  On average I advise 2-3 selections a day.  In general I stake between 2 and 3 points a day, sometimes less and occasionally more but never more than 5 points per day.
I advise a 50 point betting bank so any losing runs can be rode out. £500 betting bank = £10 a point etc.
This is not a get rich quick scheme, the beauty of this system is the small daily risk for healthy long term rewards.
 Think of it as daily investments. Stick to the points advised and you will see your bank grow steadily and enjoy healthy long term profits.